Why I’m Running

Maryland is at a crossroads — and we need leaders we can trust and who will fight for our families, our businesses, and our communities.  

We have made great progress these past 7 years by moving Maryland in the right direction — and we cannot afford to go back to the O’Malley days of taxing everything — including the rain. 

Because I can promise you this. Every one of my opponents is going to raise your taxes.

And that is why I’m running for Governor.  

The truth is when I was 20 years old, pregnant, newly married, and waiting tables I never dreamed I’d run for Governor. 

But my experience, as a mother, small business owner, delegate, Cabinet Secretary, and even a waitress has made me uniquely qualified to be your next Governor.

I’m running to make Maryland more affordable for families and small businesses. I will fight every effort by the legislature to raise taxes — and I will use my platform and position to fight for tax cuts — every single year I am in office

I will stand with parents and teachers to hold school systems and unions accountable so that our children can get the world-class education they deserve. And to make sure your tax dollars are spent in the classroom – and that our kids are there too. 

As your governor, I will fight every day to end this violent crime epidemic so you and your family can feel safe in your community. — And I promise to stand with the men and women in law enforcement and to get them better funding and training to help them do their jobs.

I am running to stand up for every hardworking Marylander — every working family — every parent who wants to give the best opportunity to their children — and every retiree who wants to stay in the state they love. 

I hope you will join me to fight for Maryland’s future. Maybe we can even make a little history along the way.