When I was growing up, I wanted to be the first person in my family to graduate from college, but at almost 20 years old, I dropped out of school, and my husband and I welcomed our first child, Brandon. — And a few years later we were blessed with another son, Bradley.

I spent the next 15 years raising my two boys — waiting tables — tending bar, — and doing anything I could to provide for my family. And I was able to earn my college degree 20 years later.

I know the challenges facing every Maryland parent. And I know that if you don’t feel like your family is safe, nothing else matters.

With Governor Hogan, we backed the police. When other states were defunding the police, we invested an additional $500 million to support law enforcement and crime victims across Maryland.

But we have a long way to go. The far-left Democrats defunded the police in Baltimore. And they elected a prosecutor who won’t enforce the law. It’s resulted in record crime, a wave of murders, and a city in crisis.

When I am governor, I will make Maryland safe. Because without safety, nothing matters. My policy is simple: support law enforcement and hold criminals accountable. We need to treat criminals like criminals and police like heroes If we follow that policy, we can keep Maryland safe.


As a mom, I know our kids need steady, consistent structure and leadership — especially in our schools.

As your governor, I will make sure that our schools are accountable to parents. I won’t let politicians arbitrarily shut down schools and leave kids stranded. And I’ll make sure that your tax dollars are spent in the classrooms helping kids learn—not on projects that have nothing to do with learning. I have a Parents Bill of Rights that will make sure you can be involved in our kids’ education and can work with our great Maryland teachers to make our schools the best in the nation.

We can’t stay in the past; it is WELL past time we move away from mask mandates and vaccine mandates. Individuals should be making their own choices.

I will make sure we have the best schools in the country and those schools will be accountable to parents and students—not to politicians.


I want you to go to sleep each night knowing you can pay your bills, your mortgage, and save for retirement and vacations and anything else. You know that your tomorrow is going to be better than today. And you know that your kids can have a future in Maryland.

As Maryland’s first female Secretary of Commerce, we completely changed the culture and made it known that businesses are the customer. We also tackled major workforce issues and implemented some of the most robust apprenticeship programs in the entire country. — I believe that every person has their own path to prosperity and our apprenticeship programs helped so many to find theirs — I call this prosperity with a purpose.

Four years later, I became the Secretary of Commerce and the chief economic development officer in Maryland. — But only one year later COVID hit, and our mission changed.

My job transformed overnight from attracting and expanding businesses – to one that fought tirelessly just so businesses could survive. — It was at that moment I saw the need for strong steady leadership was more important than ever.

Don’t forget—Martin O’Malley – our last Democratic governor raised your taxes 40 times in a row. When I served in the House of Delegates, I’m proud to say I voted against every tax increase– every single one.

I remember talking to a Democrat colleague one night while debating one of the many tax increases and I asked him why they continued to raise taxes on hardworking Marylanders. I knew my constituents couldn’t afford it, and honestly neither could his. His answer was very simple and very sad: “because they could.” — With a Democratic governor and Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate, there was no check on their power.

This is one of the reasons why Governor Hogan was elected. Because people were sick and tired of tax increases. Under Governor Hogan, we CUT taxes and made Maryland more affordable, so you can prosper.

As bad as Governor O’Malley was, the Democrats running today would be far worse. They would tax rain, snow, hail, sleet – they’d probably even try to tax sunny days!

Look at what’s happening in DC. Reckless spending by the federal government has led to record inflation. We see it every time we go to the grocery store or put gas in the car.

I can promise you this. Every one of my opponents is going to raise your taxes!

I will fight every effort by the legislature to raise taxes — and I will use my platform and position to fight for tax cuts every single year that I am in office.

It breaks my heart that our retirees are moving to states like Delaware and Florida to escape the tax burdens of this state. Hardworking Marylanders earned their pensions and retirement accounts HERE — they shouldn’t have to leave our state to escape out-of-control taxes.

This is the state that I love, this is the state that you love, and as a mother and grandmother, I want to see families stay together — establish roots, create businesses, and grow up in our beautiful state. One of my top priorities as governor will be to cut taxes for all Marylanders, which begins with fighting to give our retirees the relief they deserve.

The partisan politicians in Annapolis are obsessed with raising your taxes. We had the Rain Tax and now we have the Inflation Tax.

That’s right – under Martin O’Malley, they indexed the gas tax to inflation. So when inflation is out of control and rising so are our gas taxes – making life more unaffordable than it already is.

As governor, I will stop and repeal the Inflation Tax just like Governor Hogan stopped and repealed the Rain Tax.