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Schulz Campaign Announces Watermen For Kelly Coalition

June 10, 2022

Today the Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign announced the launch of the Watermen for Kelly Coalition.

Maryland is a state blessed with unparalleled natural beauty. From the mountains in Western Maryland to the shores of Ocean City, our state embodies “America in miniature.” Dating back centuries, the rich natural history of Maryland plays an important role in the daily life for Marylanders and to this day, Marylanders are rightfully proud of the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States.

The Chesapeake Bay is a marvel, it’s an important economic driver for our state providing billions of dollars in economic benefits while supporting tens of thousands of jobs, and fueling Maryland’s world-renowned seafood industry.

The health of the Chesapeake Bay is paramount and something that Kelly Schulz will focus on while governor. Watermen rely on a healthy Bay for their own personal prosperity and for quality of life, and they know that as governor, Kelly Schulz is committed to a clean Bay and protecting and supporting the interests and way of life of Maryland’s watermen.

As governor, Kelly Schulz will continue to record fund important Bay restoration initiatives, such as the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund and she will continue to utilize programs such as the Bay Restoration Fund to improve water quality. She’ll also focus efforts on improving the health of the upper Bay by addressing the pollution caused by the Conowingo Dam and underperforming Wastewater Treatment Plants.

All Marylanders, including watermen, are struggling due to skyrocketing costs and record-high gas prices. To address the rising costs of gas, Kelly Schulz has committed to repealing the Inflation Tax. Nearly a decade ago, misguided legislators indexed the gas tax with inflation – so when inflation goes up, so does the gas tax. In July, the gas tax is set to increase by 18%, due to this Inflation Tax, this will further burden watermen as the cost of fuel will increase yet again. As a delegate, Schulz voted against the Inflation Tax, and as governor, she will repeal it.

In a Schulz administration, the watermen whose livelihoods rely on healthy waterways and a thriving seafood industry will have a seat at the table and friend in the governor’s office.

“The Chesapeake Bay is Maryland’s greatest natural resource, and I am honored that leading watermen from across the state entrust me to protect it for generations to come,” said Kelly Schulz. “The Great Seal of Maryland depicts a waterman and a farmer. Both of these industries are vital to our state’s economy and are an integral part of our fabric as Marylanders. Watermen and farmers will be given every opportunity to thrive when I am governor.”

Watermen For Kelly Chair And Steering Committee

Captain Rob Newberry, Chairman, Delmarva Fisheries Association, Chair
Clifton Coleman, Delmarva Fisheries Association
Dan Dierker, Kent County Watermen’s Association/ Delmarva Fisheries Association
Ron English, Retired
Ron Fithian, Kent County Watermen’s Association
Jeff Harrison, Chairman of the Talbot County Watermen’s Association
James Lynch, Queen Anne’s County Watermen’s Association
Tony Vanderwall, Rockhall Waterman
Bobby Waples DCSH/DFATroy Wilkins, President, Queen Anne’s County Watermen’s Association

The Watermen for Kelly coalition will assist in organizing the Kelly Schulz for Governor grassroots effort throughout Maryland, partake in campaign events, and help identify supporters across the state.

Sign up to join the Watermen for Kelly coalition: https://www.kellyschulzforgovernor.com/coalitions/watermen/

Kelly Schulz Calls For Independent Investigation Into Baltimore City School System

June 7, 2022

Kelly Schulz today released the following statement in response to findings from the Maryland Inspector General for Education. The Inspector General’s report showed that 10 Baltimore City schools changed more than 12,000 failing grades to passing grades amid pressure from school administrators.

“This is an absolute tragedy and I am calling for a full-blown independent investigation into the entire school system.

“Leadership in the city is either asleep at the wheel or part of the problem. It is shameful that the Baltimore City School System CEO has allowed such nefarious behavior to occur on her watch.

“This further erodes the trust that families have in school administrators to do what is right, put kids first, and provide them with the best education and mentorship possible.

“Governor Hogan created the Office of Inspector General exactly for this reason, to hold school systems accountable to the taxpayers and to ensure that students are receiving the best education possible.

“I have introduced a Parental Bill of Rights to build upon these actions and further increase accountability and transparency in our schools. We must also empower parents so that they can take their children out of failing schools and place them into schools where they can have every chance at success.

“Allowing this public corruption to continue is not an option.”

The Washington Post Endorses Kelly Schulz In The GOP Primary For Maryland Governor

June 4, 2022

The Washington Post
Editorial Board
June 4, 2022

“Kelly M. Schulz, a Republican running for her party’s gubernatorial nomination in next month’s primary, is a down-to-earth, even-keeled pragmatist with broad experience in state government who would be a viable candidate in November’s general election …

“The Post endorses Ms. Schulz in the July 19 primary. We support her not only because she is a competent, results-oriented public servant, well qualified for the governorship, but also because Maryland benefits from a vibrant two-party system. Ms. Schulz would further that agenda. Her chief rival in the primary, Del. Daniel L. Cox of Frederick County, would render Republicans electorally irrelevant in a state where registered Democrats outnumber the GOP 2 to 1. …

“She is no lightweight. Having dropped out of college at age 19 while pregnant with her first son, she waited tables and tended bar before embarking on a career as a community activist, small business owner, state delegate representing Frederick County and, under Mr. Hogan, the head of two state cabinet-level agencies: the Labor Department and, for three years, the Commerce Department. In the latter job she played a key role keeping businesses afloat during the pandemic and was the state’s chief economic development officer, learning firsthand the challenges of recruiting businesses to relocate in Maryland. …

“A vote in the primary for Mr. Cox is a vote for Republican oblivion in Maryland. A vote for Ms. Schulz is a vote for sanity.”

Read More at The Washington Post

Schulz Campaign Announces Law Enforcement For Kelly Coalition

May 31, 2022

Today the Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign announced the launch of the Law Enforcement for Kelly Coalition.

Violent crime is a top concern across the state, and Marylanders deserve to have a governor who will tackle this crisis seriously – Kelly Schulz will be that governor. In far too many communities across our state, violent criminals have been emboldened by weak prosecutors and feckless politicians who have devalued members of law enforcement and neglected to take legislative action to hold violent criminals accountable.

Working to save innocent lives should not be a partisan issue. Keeping our communities safe so that all Marylanders can have the opportunity to prosper and achieve their own dreams is a top priority for Kelly Schulz.

No other candidate in the race has received such strong and explicit backing from law enforcement leaders like Kelly Schulz has. With the backing of seven current sheriffs, law enforcement across the state know that Kelly Schulz is the only candidate who will take action to address violent crime and who will undoubtedly stand up for and support them.

As governor, Schulz has pledged to provide more funding for law enforcement to ensure that departments can hire officers, and that officers receive the proper training and equipment needed to perform their jobs safely and effectively. She will also work to expand the Hometown Heroes Act to eliminate state taxes on the retirement income of our members of law enforcement. To tackle violent crime, she will be focused on fighting for legislation to keep repeat violent offenders behind bars and penalties for those charged with illegal gun crimes.

“For me it is simple, as governor I will treat members of law enforcement like heroes and criminals like criminals,” said Kelly Schulz. “I always have and always will stand firmly with the brave men and women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line to protect us. It is humbling to have earned the trust and support of so many of these heroes from across the state – they deserve a governor who has their back, and that’s what they’ll have when I’m elected.”

Law Enforcement For Kelly Steering Committee

Craig Robertson, Allegany County
Jim Fredericks, Anne Arundel County
Mike Evans, Calvert County
Jim DeWees, Carroll County
Jeff Gahler, Harford County
Gary Hoffman, Queen Anne’s County
Tim Cameron, St. Mary’s County

The Law Enforcement for Kelly coalition will assist in organizing the Kelly Schulz for Governor grassroots effort throughout Maryland, partake in campaign events, and help identify supporters across the state.

Sign up to join the Law Enforcement for Kelly coalition: https://kellyschulzforgovernor.com/heroes

Statement From Candidate For Governor Kelly Schulz on Inflation Tax

May 24, 2022

Candidate for governor Kelly Schulz today released the following statement calling on Comptroller Peter Franchot to take immediate action to halt the largest gas tax increase in nearly a decade as a result of the Inflation Tax:

“Comptroller Peter Franchot is shirking his responsibility. If he wanted to, he could take immediate action to halt the largest gas tax increase in nearly a decade from taking place.

“We have all witnessed the Comptroller do victory laps and issue glowing press releases touting his ability to change deadlines for the income tax or estimated tax payments. Why can’t he take similar action here and deliver relief to all Marylanders?

“At a time when Marylanders are clamoring for help to deal with the burdens of inflation and sky-rocketing gas prices, Comptroller Franchot is more interested in passing the buck and abdicating his constitutional duty. Being a leader means doing what is right even when it’s politically inconvenient – something the Comptroller seems to have a real problem accepting.

“I won’t be afraid to fight for hardworking Marylanders. The Inflation Tax is wrong – when I am governor, repealing it will be a top priority on day one.”

Kelly Schulz For Governor Campaign Releases New Radio Ad

May 16, 2022

Today, the Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign announced a third ad which is part of the previously announced high six-figure media buy. The 60-second ad entitled “Join Me,” will air on radio stations across the state.

This new radio ad features Schulz in her own words, talking about her background raising two boys as a single mom, her time as a former Republican delegate representing Frederick County, and her experience as the first woman to serve as the Secretary of Labor and Commerce in state history. She also highlights two central planks of her campaign: repealing the Inflation Tax and her Parental Bill of Rights.  

Kelly Schulz is focused on making Maryland more affordable and empowering parents to have a voice in their child’s education. By repealing the Inflation Tax, Maryland would no longer index the state’s gas tax to inflation. Under current law, as inflation increases, so does the gas tax, repealing this provision would provide Marylanders with much-needed relief at the gas pump. Ensuring that every single child receives a world-class education and that parents are involved in their children’s education is important to Schulz, that is why she released her Parental Bill of Rights, it’s her commitment to the parents and students of Maryland.

“Our campaign continues to resonate with Marylanders across the state, and this latest ad will further introduce Kelly Schulz to even more Marylanders.” said campaign manager Hunter Mullins. “Kelly Schulz is the only candidate in the race who can win and continue to move our state in the right direction. Others want to take our state in a completely different direction, with Kelly Schulz as governor, Maryland families can be assured of having a safe, steady, and prosperous future in this state.”

“Join Us” (:60) Transcript:

I’m Kelly Schulz.

In Annapolis, I served in the governor’s cabinet.

Before that, I was an elected Republican in the state legislature while running a small business.

I put myself through college as a waitress while raising two boys, mostly as a single mom.

Today, I’m running for governor.

Like you, I feel the pain of inflation every single day.

Yet progressive politicians in Annapolis raised the gas tax and tied it to inflation – making life even more unaffordable for hard-working Marylanders.

But that’s not all. They also want to restrict our rights to be involved in our kids’ education.

My Parental Bill of Rights includes transparency because parents deserve to be in full control of their children’s education.

Join me in fighting for accountability in our schools and repealing the Inflation Tax.

I’m Republican Kelly Schulz, and this is Paid for by Kelly Schulz for Governor, Sam Maholtra, Treasurer.

Kelly Schulz For Governor Campaign Releases New Ad: “Can’t Trust”

May 11, 2022

New Ad Is Part Of Campaign’s High Six-Figure Media Buy

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Today, the Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign announced a second ad which is part of the previously announced high six-figure media buy. The 30-second ad entitled “Can’t Trust,” will air on cable TV and on digital platforms.

“Can’t Trust,” holds Dan Cox accountable for his willingness to represent a charged child rapist, while also using the “dangers” of the COVID-19 pandemic to get his client out of jail on pre-trial release. At the same time that Cox was downplaying the COVID-19 pandemic, he was actively using the pandemic as an excuse to get a charged child rapist released from jail. To this day, Cox continues to call the 13-year-old victim a liar and defend his client, a registered tier three sex offender.

“Marylanders deserve to know the truth about Dan Cox’s sickening hypocrisy,” said campaign manager Hunter Mullins. “Cox can claim to fight for victims of crime, but his track record as an attorney and his votes as a legislator against protecting victims of crime, including human trafficking, abuse, and rape tell a very troubling story that Marylanders deserve to know.”  

Watch “Can’t Trust”

Dan Cox Stated That Because Of The COVID-19 Pandemic, His Client, A Charged Child Rapist Should Receive Pre-Trial Release.

COX: “Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic-related orders, Mr. Jarrett is exposed to dangers with confinement additionally meriting pre-trial release.”

Dan Cox Stated That The 13-Year-Old Victim Had “Falsely Accused” His Client:

Dan Cox Continues To Claim His Client Is Innocent.
The Baltimore Sun: “Cox talked about it last month on WFMD-AM after Schulz raised the case on the air. ‘This person claims innocence and had plenty of witnesses,’ he said.”

Link: Court documents concerning this case.

“Can’t Trust” (:30) Transcript

Dan Cox fought to release an accused child rapist from jail in 2021.

Police arrested Cox’s client and charged him with repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl.

In a letter to the judge, Cox claimed COVID made jail too dangerous. 

Thanks to Dan Cox, this convicted sex offender is out on the street after serving less than a year.

Now Dan Cox is attacking the victim, a child, and calls her a liar.

With that record, Republicans can’t trust Dan Cox.


Kelly Schulz For Governor Campaign Announces High Six-Figure Media Buy

May 9, 2022

Today, the Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign announced the launch of a high six-figure media buy in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. markets. The buy consists of spending on broadcast, cable, radio, and digital platforms.

A variety of ads touting Schulz’s background and policies as well as those holding others accountable for their actions will be featured in the coming weeks and months, as the campaign will remain on the airwaves until the primary election in July. The length of the media buy is demonstrative of the enthusiasm the Schulz campaign is receiving, highlighted by historic fundraising numbers.

The first ad which will be a part of the media buy is the previously released “Parental Rights.” This ad highlights Kelly Schulz’s Parental Bill of Rights, her commitment to ensuring that Maryland parents are empowered and that all children have the opportunity to receive a world-class education.

“Our campaign is excited to make this significant investment which will continue to introduce Kelly Schulz and her plans for Maryland to voters across the state,” said campaign manager Hunter Mullins. “By the time we enter the general election, Marylanders will be fully aware of her vision for a safe, steady, and prosperous future for all Marylanders.”

“Parental Rights” (:30) Transcript

I’m Kelly Schulz.
I’ve been a legislator, a member of Governor Hogan’s cabinet, and I ran a small business.

And today, while I might be running for governor, I’m still a mom.

So I know what it’s like to worry.

It’s why I introduced a Parental Bill of Rights – providing real school choice, record funding, and accountability, with education transparency.

And of course, schools have to be open and masks off.

As your governor, I’ll fight for our children – all of them.  

Schulz Campaign Announces Women For Kelly Coalition

May 3, 2022

Over 200 Members, Releases Co-Chairs, Steering Committee Members

Today, the Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign announced the launch of the Women for Kelly coalition.

Marylanders are ready for Kelly Schulz to be the next governor of Maryland, evident by the support that the campaign has received from over 60 elected officials across the state and thousands of grassroots activists. The Women for Kelly coalition is another example of Schulz’s strength as a candidate and her ability to connect with Marylanders from all walks of life.

More than 200 moms, grandmothers, elected officials, and community leaders have already joined the Women for Kelly coalition, and know that she is the only candidate who can win in November and build upon the success that the state has experienced over the last eight years.

Like so many other Marylanders, members of the Women for Kelly Coalition are ready to elect the state’s first female governor and are drawn to Schulz’s focus on cutting taxes, keeping communities safe, and ensuring that every single child receives a world-class education – her message of expanding opportunity for all is resonating strongly with Marylanders.

“Kelly knows what it is like to work hard to make ends meet, she spent years waiting tables and tending bar to help provide for her family, and as a single mom she raised her two boys. She started a small business, was the first woman in state history to serve as Secretary of Labor and Secretary of Commerce,” said Women for Kelly Co-Chair, Diana Waterman. “Kelly has the best vision for the future of Maryland and is uniquely qualified to serve as our next governor.”

“Our campaign continues to build a formidable operation across the state, I am inspired to receive the support of so many accomplished women across our great state,” said Kelly Schulz. “The Women for Kelly coalition will play a crucial role in helping our campaign organize across the state, and will play a crucial role in electing the first female governor of our great state.”

Women For Kelly Coalition Co-Chairs And Steering Committee

Loretta Shields, Co-Chair, Howard County
Diana Waterman, Co-Chair, Queen Anne’s County
Nicole Woolford, Co-Chair, Carroll County

Senator Mary Beth Carozza
Delegate Kathy Szeliga
Delegate Brenda Thiam

Joan Aquilino
Katja Bullock
Ella Ennis
Marie Fischer
Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio
Bridgette Lundfelt
Audrey Scott
Maria Sofia
Debbie Williams

The Women for Kelly coalition will assist in organizing the Kelly Schulz for Governor grassroots effort throughout Maryland, partake in campaign rallies and events, and help identify supporters across the state.

Sign up to join the Women for Kelly coalition: https://www.kellyschulzforgovernor.com/coalitions/women/

Governor Larry Hogan Endorses Kelly Schulz For Governor

March 23, 2022

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Today, during a press event with campaign supporters in Annapolis, Governor Larry Hogan formally endorsed Kelly Schulz to succeed him as the next governor of Maryland. Schulz who served in the Hogan administration for seven years as the first female secretary of both the Department of Labor and Department of Commerce played a central role in Changing Maryland for the Better.

“If you approve of how we have led Maryland, then Kelly Schulz is your choice for governor,” said Governor Hogan. “With all the progress we have made together, we cannot afford to go back to the days of 43 consecutive tax hikes with jobs and businesses fleeing to other states, and Kelly is the only candidate in this race running to continue moving Maryland in the right direction. She will fight to hold violent criminals accountable, cut taxes, and make sure our children can get the world-class education they deserve.”

Governor Hogan continued: “As a small business owner and Delegate, Kelly Schulz has a proven track record of creating jobs and getting things done. As a member of our cabinet, Kelly was an integral part of our success over the past seven years. I’ve seen firsthand how much she loves our state and how hard she will work for all of our people. I am proud to support her campaign to keep Changing Maryland for the Better.”

“It is a great honor for me to receive the support of Governor Hogan,” said Kelly Schulz. “The governor has been a transformational leader for our state and I thank him for entrusting me with continuing to build upon the tremendous success that our state has experienced and his legacy of accomplishment.”
Schulz went on to say: “Our campaign is about making sure Maryland stays safe, steady, and prosperous while focusing on the issues that Marylanders really care about. Governor Hogan has proven what is possible when you make a commitment to commonsense solutions and not partisan politics. If Marylanders want smart, pragmatic leadership in Annapolis, that is exactly what I am pledging to continue.”

Prior to Governor Hogan’s election in 2014, a majority of Marylanders were unhappy with the direction of the state. After 40 consecutive tax increases and an anti-business approach from state government, nearly half of all Marylanders stated that they would flee the state if they could. Since Governor Hogan took office, those attitudes have changed – Maryland is now open for business, and in poll after poll, the vast majority of Marylanders approve of the direction of the state.

Over the last eight years, Governor Hogan has been tested with the riots in Baltimore and confronting a worldwide pandemic, as well as a personal bout with cancer. He’s overcome these challenges and Marylanders have overwhelmingly approved of his job performance, awarding him with reelection and making him among the most popular elected officials in America.  

Under the governor’s leadership, and with Kelly Schulz as one of his trusted advisers, Maryland has become a better place to live, work, and raise a family. Tasked by Governor Hogan to serve as Maryland’s chief regulatory and economic development officer, Schulz was instrumental in working to grow Maryland’s economy and foster a more competitive business environment.

While working for the Hogan administration, Schulz partnered with the governor to advance a number of key initiatives. Working in tandem, Governor Hogan and Kelly Schulz fought for tax relief and advocated for the largest tax cut for small businesses in state history, the RELIEF Act, eliminated or streamlined hundreds of regulations, and established and grew nationally recognized job training and apprenticeship programs. Because of their work together, Maryland now ranks as the most improved state for business.   

Prior to serving in the Hogan administration, Kelly Schulz was a successful small business owner and delegate who represented Frederick County. As a member of the General Assembly, Schulz introduced or co-sponsored over $250 million in targeted tax relief that was enacted for Marylanders and focused on keeping communities safe, while expanding economic and educational opportunities for all Marylanders.  

As Maryland’s next governor, Kelly Schulz is committed to ensuring that Marylanders will have strong leadership in the governor’s office so that our state can be safe, steady, and prosperous.