Kelly Schulz Commends Governor Larry Hogan For Directing Maryland State Police To Issue Concealed Carry Permits

July 5, 2022

Republican candidate for governor Kelly Schulz today released the following statement in response to Governor Larry Hogan’s statement directing the Maryland State Police to comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen:

“After weeks of dragging his feet, I called on Attorney General Brian Frosh to do his job and allow law-abiding Marylanders to exercise their constitutional right to concealed carry. I commend Governor Hogan for doing what the Attorney General has repeatedly failed to do on this issue – follow the laws of this nation. The governor directing the Maryland State Police to process these permits is the right call, and I stand with him in support.

“The Attorney General had more than enough time to rectify this situation but instead did nothing. That is shameful and the worst kind of politics. He swore an oath to uphold all laws, not just the ones he likes. No elected official gets to choose between the laws we follow and those we don’t. Attorney General Frosh has made a career of suing others over the same kind of willful disregard of the law.

“Our state already has laws on the books which prohibit violent criminals, abusers, and those with mental illness from owning firearms – as governor, I will enforce these laws. Repeat violent offenders who commit crimes with illegal guns are the problem, not law-abiding citizens.”