Kelly Schulz Condemns National Democrats’ Attempts To Trick Maryland Voters

June 29, 2022

Democratic Governors Association To Spend At Least $900 Thousand To Promote Fringe, Unelectable Candidate Dan Cox

Schulz Campaign Calls On All Democratic Candidates, Dan Cox To Publicly Oppose DGA Interference

DGA Desperate To Avoid Losing 4 Out Of 6 Maryland Gubernatorial Contests

*Schulz Campaign to Hold Press Conference with Republican Leaders in Response to DGA*

As the Schulz campaign predicted in a campaign memo two weeks ago, the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) is officially interfering in Maryland’s Republican gubernatorial primary to boost fringe candidate Dan Cox. Beginning next week, the DGA will be spending at least $900,000 in television ads throughout the State promoting Dan Cox and his failing campaign. This interference follows a nationwide onslaught from Democratic groups that spent upwards of $40 million to support fringe and completely unelectable Republican candidates. 

Campaign memoThis idea is nothing new, but it has gained considerable steam and financial support in recent months and we have reason to believe the DGA might try something similar here in Maryland. The political calculation is simple – spend resources helping an unelectable Republican win the primary, ensuring an easy win for the Democratic candidate in the general.

Source: CMAG/Kantar

The DGA has been meddling in the Republican primary for months conducting “push” polls designed to show Dan Cox as a credible candidate for governor. However, as the Schulz campaign warned, they are taking this to a new level. The DGA has now made it perfectly clear that they fear facing Kelly Schulz in the general election and will stoop to any depth to avoid that outcome.

Campaign memo: Everything is trending in our favor for a historic victory – we have the most accomplished candidate, we have the right message, we have posted historic fundraising hauls, and Marylanders like the direction that our State is heading. Combined with Governor Larry Hogan being the most successful and popular governor in Maryland history and President Joe Biden’s endlessly tanking poll numbers, the political environment could not be better for a third Republican gubernatorial victory in a row come November.

“The DGA loves to talk about protecting and defending Democracy, but in reality they couldn’t give a damn and this proves it,” said Mike Demkiw, Communications Director for the Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign. “Dan Cox and every single Democratic candidate should condemn the DGA for these underhanded tactics or accept the fact they are complicit in their political deceit of Maryland voters.”

“Dan Cox is a pathological liar, a conspiracy nut, and he’s completely unfit to serve as governor – and that’s exactly why the DGA is willing to spend this kind of money supporting him.” 

“It’s clear the prospect of losing four out of the last six governors’ races in Maryland will drive some people to do some pretty despicable things. Ultimately, this won’t work. Maryland Republican voters aren’t the rubes DC Democrats think they are and in two weeks Kelly will be well on her way to becoming the next governor of Maryland.”

Campaign memoOf course, the DGA is very aware of how crazy Dan Cox is and they have ample reasons to get involved. They have been an embarrassment to their donors, losing 3 of the last 5 gubernatorial elections Maryland. They know with Kelly Schulz as the Republican nominee they would be well on their way to another loss.