Statement From Kelly Schulz: Special Session On Gas Tax

June 22, 2022

Candidate for governor Kelly Schulz today released the following statement on Governor Hogan’s call on the presiding officers to convene a special session to suspend the gas tax:

“As I’ve been saying for weeks, Comptroller Franchot should take action on the Inflation Tax and the General Assembly needs to reconvene immediately to suspend the gas tax.  

“This isn’t complicated. Marylanders are suffering under some of the worst inflation and price hikes our country has ever experienced – the time for sitting around Annapolis and hiding behind lawyers is over.

“I know what it is like living paycheck to paycheck and I know what it is like being a single mom raising children. When you’re struggling, like lots of Marylanders are, deciding between groceries and gas isn’t hypothetical, it’s your reality.

“As governor, I will fight every single day to make our state more affordable. That’s why I am committed to providing permanent relief at the pump and repealing the Inflation Tax during my first year in office.

“Marylanders deserve a governor who understands that every dollar matters.”