Statement From Kelly Schulz: Gas Tax

June 22, 2022

Candidate for governor Kelly Schulz today released the following statement on President Joe Biden’s call to suspend the federal gas tax:

“Americans have felt the pain of skyrocketing costs and record-high inflation for too long. After months of blaming others and refusing to acknowledge the struggles that hardworking families are facing, the president is finally calling for some action.

“Yes, the federal gas tax should be suspended and so should Maryland’s. 

“Even worse, our state’s gas tax will increase by 18 percent next week due to cowardly legislation passed in 2013 that indexed our gas tax to inflation. I voted against the Inflation Tax back then and have been calling for it to be repealed since the start of this campaign.

“Annapolis politicians refused to take action this legislative session, and we will all pay the price for their complacency very soon. Comptroller Franchot could stop this coming increase on his own but he would rather hide behind his lawyers. He should step up and lead.

“As governor, I will never stop fighting to make Maryland more affordable.”