Kelly Schulz For Governor Campaign Releases New Ad “Weak On Crime”

June 16, 2022

The Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign today announced a fifth ad which is part of the previously announced high six-figure media buy. The 30-second ad entitled “Weak On Crime,” will air on digital platforms.
“Weak On Crime,” takes a look at Dan Cox’s track record on issues related to protecting victims of crime and his lack of support for the police. Despite his talk of being tough on violent criminals and pledging to support members of law enforcement, Cox’s actions and voting record paint a very different picture.
While being in office during the height of the defund the police movement, Cox voted against hundreds of millions of dollars in critical police funding for local jurisdictions every single year, he even voted against Governor Hogan’s Re-Fund the Police Initiative. He’s also taken votes to protect rapistsabusers, and human traffickers, the same violent criminals which he now says that he will crack down on. 
Despite what he says now, Cox supports releasing violent criminals from jail because of COVID. While representing a charged child rapist, Cox claimed that COVID was too dangerous for his client, a Tier III sex offender and that as a result he should be granted pre-trial release. Cox called the thirteen-year-old a liar and to this day, continues to defend the registered sex offender.
“Dan Cox loves to talk tough when it comes to criminals but his record reveals that he is nothing more than a typical double-talking politician and scheming criminal defense attorney,” said campaign manager Hunter Mullins. “Violent crime and public safety are top concerns for voters and Kelly Schulz is the only person in this race that Marylanders can trust to keep their communities safe. We need to treat law enforcement officers like heroes and criminals like criminals, but Dan Cox has consistently proven that he isn’t up to the task.”

“Weak On Crime” (:30) Transcript

Dan Cox is weak on crime.

Cox voted to protect sex traffickers.

At the height of the defund the police movement, Dan Cox voted against police funding.

Dan Cox supports releasing violent criminals because of COVID.

And helped get a charged child rapist back on the street after less than a year in jail.