Kelly Schulz For Governor Campaign Releases New TV Ad – “These Guys”

June 14, 2022

The Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign today announced a fourth ad which is part of the previously announced high six-figure media buy. The 30-second ad entitled “These Guys,” will air on network and cable television stations across the state.

“These Guys,” introduces Schulz to the broader Maryland electorate and draws a stark contrast between Schulz and her ten Democratic opponents in the race for governor. As the ad details, every candidate running in the Democratic primary will take Maryland in a completely different direction than the past eight years. Tax hikes, massive new government programs and spending, and no realistic plans to address violent crime are staples of their campaigns.

Kelly Schulz is committed to making Maryland more affordable by cutting taxes and controlling spending, while empowering parents with real choices, and tackling violent crime with real action.  

“Maryland’s gubernatorial race presents voters with a simple question: do we keep moving forward with the progress of the past eight years or do we go backwards,” said campaign manager Hunter Mullins. “There is only one candidate in this race who will keep Maryland moving in the right direction. The other guys are determined to take Maryland back to the past of one-party control and endless tax and spend policies. Kelly Schulz is different.”

“These Guys” (:30) Transcript

There are ten Democrats running for Governor.

But they’re all the same.

I’m different.

I’m Republican Kelly Schulz.

At nineteen I was pregnant, waiting tables.

But, I got my degree, while raising two boys.

I owned a small business.

Served in the legislature and as Maryland’s Commerce Secretary.

These guys…

They’ll raise taxes, increase spending, demand control over our kid’s education, and will
never be tough enough on criminals.

That’s not me.

I’ll keep changing Maryland for the better.