Kelly Schulz Calls For Independent Investigation Into Baltimore City School System

June 7, 2022

Kelly Schulz today released the following statement in response to findings from the Maryland Inspector General for Education. The Inspector General’s report showed that 10 Baltimore City schools changed more than 12,000 failing grades to passing grades amid pressure from school administrators.

“This is an absolute tragedy and I am calling for a full-blown independent investigation into the entire school system.

“Leadership in the city is either asleep at the wheel or part of the problem. It is shameful that the Baltimore City School System CEO has allowed such nefarious behavior to occur on her watch.

“This further erodes the trust that families have in school administrators to do what is right, put kids first, and provide them with the best education and mentorship possible.

“Governor Hogan created the Office of Inspector General exactly for this reason, to hold school systems accountable to the taxpayers and to ensure that students are receiving the best education possible.

“I have introduced a Parental Bill of Rights to build upon these actions and further increase accountability and transparency in our schools. We must also empower parents so that they can take their children out of failing schools and place them into schools where they can have every chance at success.

“Allowing this public corruption to continue is not an option.”