The Washington Post Endorses Kelly Schulz In The GOP Primary For Maryland Governor

June 4, 2022

The Washington Post
Editorial Board
June 4, 2022

“Kelly M. Schulz, a Republican running for her party’s gubernatorial nomination in next month’s primary, is a down-to-earth, even-keeled pragmatist with broad experience in state government who would be a viable candidate in November’s general election …

“The Post endorses Ms. Schulz in the July 19 primary. We support her not only because she is a competent, results-oriented public servant, well qualified for the governorship, but also because Maryland benefits from a vibrant two-party system. Ms. Schulz would further that agenda. Her chief rival in the primary, Del. Daniel L. Cox of Frederick County, would render Republicans electorally irrelevant in a state where registered Democrats outnumber the GOP 2 to 1. …

“She is no lightweight. Having dropped out of college at age 19 while pregnant with her first son, she waited tables and tended bar before embarking on a career as a community activist, small business owner, state delegate representing Frederick County and, under Mr. Hogan, the head of two state cabinet-level agencies: the Labor Department and, for three years, the Commerce Department. In the latter job she played a key role keeping businesses afloat during the pandemic and was the state’s chief economic development officer, learning firsthand the challenges of recruiting businesses to relocate in Maryland. …

“A vote in the primary for Mr. Cox is a vote for Republican oblivion in Maryland. A vote for Ms. Schulz is a vote for sanity.”

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