Kelly Schulz For Governor Campaign Releases New Radio Ad

May 16, 2022

Today, the Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign announced a third ad which is part of the previously announced high six-figure media buy. The 60-second ad entitled “Join Me,” will air on radio stations across the state.

This new radio ad features Schulz in her own words, talking about her background raising two boys as a single mom, her time as a former Republican delegate representing Frederick County, and her experience as the first woman to serve as the Secretary of Labor and Commerce in state history. She also highlights two central planks of her campaign: repealing the Inflation Tax and her Parental Bill of Rights.  

Kelly Schulz is focused on making Maryland more affordable and empowering parents to have a voice in their child’s education. By repealing the Inflation Tax, Maryland would no longer index the state’s gas tax to inflation. Under current law, as inflation increases, so does the gas tax, repealing this provision would provide Marylanders with much-needed relief at the gas pump. Ensuring that every single child receives a world-class education and that parents are involved in their children’s education is important to Schulz, that is why she released her Parental Bill of Rights, it’s her commitment to the parents and students of Maryland.

“Our campaign continues to resonate with Marylanders across the state, and this latest ad will further introduce Kelly Schulz to even more Marylanders.” said campaign manager Hunter Mullins. “Kelly Schulz is the only candidate in the race who can win and continue to move our state in the right direction. Others want to take our state in a completely different direction, with Kelly Schulz as governor, Maryland families can be assured of having a safe, steady, and prosperous future in this state.”

“Join Us” (:60) Transcript:

I’m Kelly Schulz.

In Annapolis, I served in the governor’s cabinet.

Before that, I was an elected Republican in the state legislature while running a small business.

I put myself through college as a waitress while raising two boys, mostly as a single mom.

Today, I’m running for governor.

Like you, I feel the pain of inflation every single day.

Yet progressive politicians in Annapolis raised the gas tax and tied it to inflation – making life even more unaffordable for hard-working Marylanders.

But that’s not all. They also want to restrict our rights to be involved in our kids’ education.

My Parental Bill of Rights includes transparency because parents deserve to be in full control of their children’s education.

Join me in fighting for accountability in our schools and repealing the Inflation Tax.

I’m Republican Kelly Schulz, and this is Paid for by Kelly Schulz for Governor, Sam Maholtra, Treasurer.