Kelly Schulz For Governor Campaign Releases New Ad: “Can’t Trust”

May 11, 2022

New Ad Is Part Of Campaign’s High Six-Figure Media Buy

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Today, the Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign announced a second ad which is part of the previously announced high six-figure media buy. The 30-second ad entitled “Can’t Trust,” will air on cable TV and on digital platforms.

“Can’t Trust,” holds Dan Cox accountable for his willingness to represent a charged child rapist, while also using the “dangers” of the COVID-19 pandemic to get his client out of jail on pre-trial release. At the same time that Cox was downplaying the COVID-19 pandemic, he was actively using the pandemic as an excuse to get a charged child rapist released from jail. To this day, Cox continues to call the 13-year-old victim a liar and defend his client, a registered tier three sex offender.

“Marylanders deserve to know the truth about Dan Cox’s sickening hypocrisy,” said campaign manager Hunter Mullins. “Cox can claim to fight for victims of crime, but his track record as an attorney and his votes as a legislator against protecting victims of crime, including human trafficking, abuse, and rape tell a very troubling story that Marylanders deserve to know.”  

Watch “Can’t Trust”

Dan Cox Stated That Because Of The COVID-19 Pandemic, His Client, A Charged Child Rapist Should Receive Pre-Trial Release.

COX: “Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic-related orders, Mr. Jarrett is exposed to dangers with confinement additionally meriting pre-trial release.”

Dan Cox Stated That The 13-Year-Old Victim Had “Falsely Accused” His Client:

Dan Cox Continues To Claim His Client Is Innocent.
The Baltimore Sun: “Cox talked about it last month on WFMD-AM after Schulz raised the case on the air. ‘This person claims innocence and had plenty of witnesses,’ he said.”

Link: Court documents concerning this case.

“Can’t Trust” (:30) Transcript

Dan Cox fought to release an accused child rapist from jail in 2021.

Police arrested Cox’s client and charged him with repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl.

In a letter to the judge, Cox claimed COVID made jail too dangerous. 

Thanks to Dan Cox, this convicted sex offender is out on the street after serving less than a year.

Now Dan Cox is attacking the victim, a child, and calls her a liar.

With that record, Republicans can’t trust Dan Cox.