Kelly Schulz For Governor Campaign Announces High Six-Figure Media Buy

May 9, 2022

Today, the Kelly Schulz for Governor campaign announced the launch of a high six-figure media buy in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. markets. The buy consists of spending on broadcast, cable, radio, and digital platforms.

A variety of ads touting Schulz’s background and policies as well as those holding others accountable for their actions will be featured in the coming weeks and months, as the campaign will remain on the airwaves until the primary election in July. The length of the media buy is demonstrative of the enthusiasm the Schulz campaign is receiving, highlighted by historic fundraising numbers.

The first ad which will be a part of the media buy is the previously released “Parental Rights.” This ad highlights Kelly Schulz’s Parental Bill of Rights, her commitment to ensuring that Maryland parents are empowered and that all children have the opportunity to receive a world-class education.

“Our campaign is excited to make this significant investment which will continue to introduce Kelly Schulz and her plans for Maryland to voters across the state,” said campaign manager Hunter Mullins. “By the time we enter the general election, Marylanders will be fully aware of her vision for a safe, steady, and prosperous future for all Marylanders.”

“Parental Rights” (:30) Transcript

I’m Kelly Schulz.
I’ve been a legislator, a member of Governor Hogan’s cabinet, and I ran a small business.

And today, while I might be running for governor, I’m still a mom.

So I know what it’s like to worry.

It’s why I introduced a Parental Bill of Rights – providing real school choice, record funding, and accountability, with education transparency.

And of course, schools have to be open and masks off.

As your governor, I’ll fight for our children – all of them.