Governor Larry Hogan Endorses Kelly Schulz For Governor

March 23, 2022

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Today, during a press event with campaign supporters in Annapolis, Governor Larry Hogan formally endorsed Kelly Schulz to succeed him as the next governor of Maryland. Schulz who served in the Hogan administration for seven years as the first female secretary of both the Department of Labor and Department of Commerce played a central role in Changing Maryland for the Better.

“If you approve of how we have led Maryland, then Kelly Schulz is your choice for governor,” said Governor Hogan. “With all the progress we have made together, we cannot afford to go back to the days of 43 consecutive tax hikes with jobs and businesses fleeing to other states, and Kelly is the only candidate in this race running to continue moving Maryland in the right direction. She will fight to hold violent criminals accountable, cut taxes, and make sure our children can get the world-class education they deserve.”

Governor Hogan continued: “As a small business owner and Delegate, Kelly Schulz has a proven track record of creating jobs and getting things done. As a member of our cabinet, Kelly was an integral part of our success over the past seven years. I’ve seen firsthand how much she loves our state and how hard she will work for all of our people. I am proud to support her campaign to keep Changing Maryland for the Better.”

“It is a great honor for me to receive the support of Governor Hogan,” said Kelly Schulz. “The governor has been a transformational leader for our state and I thank him for entrusting me with continuing to build upon the tremendous success that our state has experienced and his legacy of accomplishment.”
Schulz went on to say: “Our campaign is about making sure Maryland stays safe, steady, and prosperous while focusing on the issues that Marylanders really care about. Governor Hogan has proven what is possible when you make a commitment to commonsense solutions and not partisan politics. If Marylanders want smart, pragmatic leadership in Annapolis, that is exactly what I am pledging to continue.”

Prior to Governor Hogan’s election in 2014, a majority of Marylanders were unhappy with the direction of the state. After 40 consecutive tax increases and an anti-business approach from state government, nearly half of all Marylanders stated that they would flee the state if they could. Since Governor Hogan took office, those attitudes have changed – Maryland is now open for business, and in poll after poll, the vast majority of Marylanders approve of the direction of the state.

Over the last eight years, Governor Hogan has been tested with the riots in Baltimore and confronting a worldwide pandemic, as well as a personal bout with cancer. He’s overcome these challenges and Marylanders have overwhelmingly approved of his job performance, awarding him with reelection and making him among the most popular elected officials in America.  

Under the governor’s leadership, and with Kelly Schulz as one of his trusted advisers, Maryland has become a better place to live, work, and raise a family. Tasked by Governor Hogan to serve as Maryland’s chief regulatory and economic development officer, Schulz was instrumental in working to grow Maryland’s economy and foster a more competitive business environment.

While working for the Hogan administration, Schulz partnered with the governor to advance a number of key initiatives. Working in tandem, Governor Hogan and Kelly Schulz fought for tax relief and advocated for the largest tax cut for small businesses in state history, the RELIEF Act, eliminated or streamlined hundreds of regulations, and established and grew nationally recognized job training and apprenticeship programs. Because of their work together, Maryland now ranks as the most improved state for business.   

Prior to serving in the Hogan administration, Kelly Schulz was a successful small business owner and delegate who represented Frederick County. As a member of the General Assembly, Schulz introduced or co-sponsored over $250 million in targeted tax relief that was enacted for Marylanders and focused on keeping communities safe, while expanding economic and educational opportunities for all Marylanders.  

As Maryland’s next governor, Kelly Schulz is committed to ensuring that Marylanders will have strong leadership in the governor’s office so that our state can be safe, steady, and prosperous.